Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Tendencies of Highly Ineffective People

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1. We tend to spend more time on the things we enjoy doing at the expense of those tasks we find distasteful. If the enjoyable task is also the most important task, all is well. Frequently, this is not the case.

2. We tend to work on the easy tasks before we start the difficult ones. So if we have to write a book as well as an article, guess which one gets tackled first? If the article can be polished off in a few hours, it gets the priority treatment, even though it may not be the priority.

3. We tend to work on other peoples' priorities before we spend time on our own. This is the "nice guy" attitude, which really reflects a lack of respect for our own time.

4. We tend to work on those things that are scheduled in our planners before we start the things on our "to do" lists. Lists of things to do are intentions; but scheduled blocks of time in our planning calendars are commitments. But things included on a To do list are often overlooked.

5. We tend to work on projects that bring an immediate reward -- whether it be money or recognition -- before those for which gratification is delayed. After all, we like to feel good, so it's tempting to work on something that will provide that reward quickly.

There are ways to help counteract these tendencies. We can tackle distasteful tasks during our "prime time" when we feel more energetic and mentally alert. It takes self-discipline to actually put the techniques into practice, and persistence to make them work.

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