Friday, April 20, 2012

An Uncluttered Life

business,businessmen,clipboards,metaphors,people,list,to-do'sAn Uncluttered Life

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping
We collect jobs as well as things to the point where we can no longer distinguish between the essentials and the nice to haves.  We juggle jobs and squeeze as many as we can into our limited time frame, just as we cram yet one more container into our medicine cabinet.  Here are five things you can do to keep your life uncluttered.

  1. Recognize that your time is just as valuable as the next person’s.
  2. For every new responsibility you take on, get out of one you already have.
  3. Schedule your commitments in your planner so you can see the amount of time they actually consume.
  4. Err on the side of overestimating how much time the tasks will consume.
  5. Realize that you can’t do everything. Modify your workload and concentrate on the 20 percent of the jobs that will yield 80 percent of your results.
If you simplify your life you will experience less stress and fewer crises.  It will be easier to get organized, with fewer activities to manage. 

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