Monday, January 30, 2012

Don’t let hassles get you down

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping
Psychologist Richard Lazarus reported that those minor, daily events such as losing a wallet, or getting caught in a traffic jam, can be more harmful health-wise, than those infrequent, major events such as divorce, retirement or being fired. The top three hassles revealed in a survey were misplacing or losing things, physical appearance, and too many things to do.

The effects vary according to their frequency, intensity and our reaction to them.  Stress is not caused by the event itself, but by our reaction to it. Here are five strategies for defusing these daily hassles.

1. Organize yourself and your environment, get rid of the trivia in your life, and focus on the meaningful priorities.

2. Lazarus suggests that uplifts may serve as emotional buffers against disorders brought on by hassles.  Uplifts include such activities as enjoying yourself with good friends, spending time with the family, eating out, and getting enough sleep.

3. If you can shrug off the hassles or even laugh at them without letting them get you all tense and upset, you've got them licked.

4. Check those hassles that you have experienced during the past week.  It could be you are deluged with minor annoyances that precipitate feelings of stress.  Remember, it's your reaction to these incidents that can cause the damage.

5. Don't take them too seriously. Put them in their proper perspective. For instance, what effect is being stuck in a traffic jam and being late for work going to have on your career, your future, and your life?  Also, be sure to pamper yourself with enough of those uplifts that Lazarus has recommended.

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