Monday, February 6, 2012

Characteristics of Proactive People

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping

Proactive people are always looking ahead at future activities, projects and events and anticipating needs, problems and possible outcomes. Here are five weapons they use to tackle almost any situation.

1. Planners. Proactive people use planners as they are supposed to use them - to record future events and scheduled activities. By being able to view the future, they are able to anticipate possible problems and act before they can occur.

2. Checklists. Proactive people make up checklists for all repetitive events or activities, such as meetings, travel, conferences, sales calls, workshops and interviews. These checklists are updated after every event. If anything was missed, it is added to the list so that it won’t be forgotten the next time.

3. Goals. Proactive people hold planning sessions with themselves and set specific goals for the future. They not only put them in writing, along with deadline dates, they schedule time in their planners to actually work on them.

4. Long-range planning. Proactive people recognize that it’s never too early to plan and that planning too late causes crises and time problems Small adjustments made earlier avoid large adjustments having to be made at the last minute.

5. Attitude. The most important weapons that proactive people use, is their attitude. In fact, it could be called a way of life. Proactive people wouldn’t think of making a telephone call without first jotting down the items for discussion or going to the supermarket without first making a list of the items they need.

Proactive means to act beforehand. Taking action in the present will influence things in the future, perhaps even the future itself. So practice those habits exhibited by proactive people.

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