Monday, January 23, 2012

CRASH course

By: Sheridan & Bookkeeping
If you want to make maximum use of your time, try the CRASH course in time management:


Briefly, here are the five steps in the CRASH course process.

1. Consider what it is you really want to accomplish in life.  Determine what is really important and what is absolutely necessary.

2. Release everything that is trivial, unnecessary or relatively unimportant.  You could do this by eliminating them or delegating them.

3. Arrange the remaining activities in your planner in order of priority based on their impact on your personal and organizational goals.

4. Schedule time for these important activities in your planner.  Make appointments with yourself to actually work on them.  The most important ones get scheduled earliest in your planner.

5. Hold to that time schedule.  Don’t be so quick to give up the time to others.  Have as much respect for your own time as you do for others’.  Say ‘no’ more often.

The CRASH course is a way to get the important things done at the expense of the unimportant. There’s always too much to be done in the limited time we have available. It recognizes that a ’not to do’ list is as important as a ‘to do’. In a way it’s a zero-based time management program where we get back to the basics, and shake free of all the superfluous activities we got involved in over the years.

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