Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are You a Workaholic?

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping

A person who works long hours is not necessarily a workaholic, although it is an indicator. But when people becomes obsessed with work to the point they feel a constant need to be success, they can be classed as a workaholic. Workaholism is an addiction to work or a compulsive drive to continually perform at peak level. Answer yes or no to the following five questions to determine whether you have workaholic tendencies.

1. Do you spend at least part of every weekend doing office work?
2. Do you take work with you when you go on a vacation?
3. Do you call the office within two hours of arriving at a vacation site?
4. Do you have closer friends at work than you have away from the office?
5. At social functions, does most of your conversation revolve around your work?

If you answered yes to the above five questions, it is likely having a negative impact on your health and relationships. Try balancing your life by spending more time on family, friends, leisure time, non-competitive sports and hobbies. Cultivate interests other than your job. And make that happen by blocking of time in your planner.

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