Monday, September 19, 2011

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping

If you find yourself taking great pains to hang every painting at the same height to the exact millimeter and scrubbing your glass with soap and water every time you have another drink of water, you might qualify as a perfectionist. We all like to do a good job, but what sometimes promises satisfaction delivers the opposite. Perfectionism steals our time, puts us under pressure and distracts us from our goals. Here are five suggestions to curb your perfectionist tendencies.    

1. Ask yourself the question, “What would be the impact on the company or family or career if this project were submitted as it is?” If the answer is “nothing,” it would probably be counterproductive to spend more time refining it.
2. Let the amount of time allocated be proportionate to the value of the project.

3. Spend time based on objectives, not feelings.

4.Accept yourself for who you are and don’t measure your worth by how well you do a job. Evaluate your use of time, and strive to maintain balance in your life.

5. What usually differentiates a perfectionist from a planner is the value of the task being worked on. Usually about 20 percent of our activities produce 80 percent of our results.

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