Monday, July 18, 2011

Setting Goals


  You’re never too old to set goals
  By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping


Goals do more than provide significant results at work or acquiring personal wealth. They also gain control over the direction of our life. Goals add challenge, motivation & meaning. They identify what is important to us and help us use our time to an advantage. There are 5 basic guidelines to help make goals successful ones.

1. Put goals in writing. Otherwise they’re just dreams or wishes not realistic. Writing those makes you focus on them and provide commitment.

2. Make sure they’re realistic. Can the goal be reached by anyone with the same abilities as you? Avoid any unrealistic goal.

3. Be specific. You have to be able to measure them so don’t write down vague goals. (To be happy, to be rich etc.)
4. List your goals in order of priority. You may not be able to accomplish them all. Which are most important? Work on those first.

5. Make sure your goals are compatible with one another. One goal could to start your own business while working full time & having another goal of spending more family time. That doesn’t seem like much extra time. Which can be delayed to achieve the most important?


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