Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting the important things done

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping

Schedule your goal-related activities, as well as appointments, directly you’re your planner. It’s important to schedule times to have things done rather than long lists of “to dos”. What gets scheduled usually gets done, just like a business meeting or a doctor’s appointment, the majority of the time it happens. Here are some suggestions for scheduling appointments and activities in your planner.

1. Place deadlines on all appointments. Open-ended meetings only cause a unbalance in every person’s schedule.

2. Make appointments back to back. It’s easier to stick to a deadline when another person is waiting. It also adds credibility to the comment that you’ll stop on time.

3. Always schedule tasks completion ahead of deadline date. This will help with any unseen problems, emergencies or any chance of missing the deadline.

4. Always over analyze to schedule the time frame needed to complete a task. This will allow any interruptions that can occur during the completion of a task.

5. If there are several scheduled tasks in a week always schedule the priorities nearer to the beginning of the week. Time is more unavailable as the week passes. Also schedule important tasks during your most mental energy time peak. Most people’s energy peak is in the mornings.

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