Monday, March 12, 2012

Store things so you can find them later

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping A study by Accountemps revealed that the average executive wastes nearly four weeks a year because things are misplaced, misfiled, mislabeled or simply go missing. Disorganization is costly. Spend a little more time filing and you will save a lot more time in retrieval. Before you put something away, ask yourself if it will be easy to locate a year from now. Here are five guidelines for storing materials. 

1. Color-Code the shelving.
If you want to make it easy for new employees to learn where everything goes, paint shelves or cupboards different colors.

2. Give priority space to frequently used items.
Don't store old records, infrequently used software, books or manuals in prime locations. Keep the seldom-accessed items in less accessible areas and store the necessities within easy reach. Items used daily should be stored right at the workstations.

3. Store things where they are used.
In homes you see burn ointment stored in bathrooms but used in kitchens and bedding stored in hall closets but used in bedrooms.  Don't let this happen in your office. Keep copier paper with the copier, printing paper with the printer and shipping materials near the shipper.

4. Duplicate where necessary. Don't share anything that's worth less than a few hundred dollars. One 3-hole punch for eight people is hardly a money-saver if those people spend a thousand dollars per year searching for the 3-hole punch. If someone uses a piece of equipment daily, they should probably have their own. 

5. Store similar items together. 
You wouldn't expect to find coffee in the mailroom. It's in the kitchen with the other food, dishes etc. So store all the envelopes and stationary in one place, the computer software together in another place and so on. 

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