Monday, December 19, 2011

Take the urgency out of Christmas

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping
With Christmas just a few days away hopefully you have all the shopping done, the cards sent, the meals planned, the halls decked and the gifts wrapped. Those of you who celebrate Christmas, here are five suggestions for making Christmas a little less hectic next time around.

1. Set deadlines at the end of this year for next year's Christmas projects. For example, the dates you plan to send the Christmas cards, have the shopping completed, the tree and house decorated, etc.  Mark these dates in your planner. Then mark in your planner the specific dates these projects are to be started.

2. Keep an idea journal. Have a page for each member of your family and friends that you normally shop for. Jot down ideas during the year. Keep their sizes, ages, likes and dislikes in this journal as well.

3. Shop during the year when you see that "perfect gift" that's on sale.  The one that will be sold out or double the price in December. Be sure to write the names of the items and the names of the person on the back of sales slips and keep them in a marked envelope to make returns easier.

4. Schedule time for wrapping gifts, addressing cards, etc. Don’t leave things until the last minute. Wrapping a gift in August will probably mean two people are surprised when it’s opened in December.

5. Take advantage of technology.  Put your Christmas card list on a database and run off labels.  Consider designing your own cards. Or send electronic cards.

Meanwhile, regardless of your situation this year, enjoy the day. Merry Christmas!

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