Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Manage Your Anger

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping

We all experience anger. It could be something a co-worker or boss did or didn't do or something we did ourselves. But we should have an outlet for that anger. Here are five suggestions for diffusing the emotion before it wastes your time and energy and puts you under stress.

1. Neither let the anger fester and swell inside you nor release it with a vengeance. Manage your anger by admitting that you are angry or upset and deal with your feelings sensibly.

2. Recognize that having angry feelings is okay. It's our response to those feelings that makes the differ¬ence. Anger can motivate a person to hate, tease, humiliate, criticize or offend another person. Don't let your "okay" feeling elicit a "not okay" response.

3. After you have recognized that you feel angry or upset, talk it out. Initially this talk should be with yourself. Accept the fact that no person can make you angry, or happy or sad. People cannot manufacture an emotion inside another person. You are the only one who has the power to form an emotion within yourself. And so you are the only one who can dissipate it.

4. Ask yourself what affect the person's remark or act will have on your life. How will your financial, personal, and business status be changed? How important will the incident be one year from now? This will put things in perspective, and generally reduce the remark or act that angered you to one of insignificance.

5. Confront the individual involved. Tell him or her that you feel angry or hurt or annoyed over their remark or act. Explain why. You may be surprised at the response. Perhaps they already regret it because they had acted without thinking or were responding emotionally themselves and welcome this opportunity to apologize.

Don't strike back in blind fury, and don't let the emotion fester inside you. Talk it over with yourself first, and the offender second. And do this quickly.

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