Monday, November 14, 2011

Coping with the magazine explosion

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping

Is your company inundated with magazines? Here are a five ways to keep them to a minimum and help employees cope.

1.Cancel subscriptions. Many people receive magazines by default. They fail to take the time to notify management that they don't need or want certain magazines. Ask each employee to list the titles of the magazines they want to continue receiving.

2. Receive one copy of each magazine and circulate it. Multiple copies cause clutter, and since they don't have to be circulated, people have no sense of urgency to deal with them.

3. Photocopy the contents page of one copy and circulate the contents page only. People can check off the articles they are interested in reading. Photocopies are sent to them and they never have to spend time flipping through the magazines themselves.

4. Distribute a list of magazines. In this case the company receives one copy only. It is filed in a central "library". A list of magazines available is distributed and the individuals check off which magazines they would like to see that month. The problem with this method is that most people check off more than they need for fear of missing something.

5. Promote timely reading. It is imperative that employees dispense with magazines as efficiently as possible. Provide suggestions such as scheduling time for reading, identifying articles of interest from the contents page and tearing them out or photocopying them, keeping unread articles in a "To Read" folder and using a highlighter to identify relevant ideas in the articles.

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