Monday, August 8, 2011

Delegation is an important time management tool

           By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping

Delegation extends results from what you can do to what you can control. It frees time for more important tasks, allow you to plan effectively, and help relieve over working pressure. It’s a very effective way to develop you staff. Be careful what you delegate, how you delegate and to whom you delegate. Here are five suggestions for effective delegation.

1.Don’t delegate what you can eliminate. If its not important for you to do personally it may not be important enough for your people to do either. Respect their time.

2.Delegate the things you don't want to delegate. We tend to do things we like even if they interfere with more important tasks. Share interesting work with your staff

3.Delegate but don’t abdicate. Delegation must be planned. Consult with your staff first, decide who would be capable and like doing the job and start training them.

4.Delegate the objective, not the procedure. A bonus from effective delegation is the face the job could be better someone else’s hands. Don’t resent it encourage it.

5.Don’t always delegate to the most capable people. Continious delegation to the capable one will make them stronger, while the weak get weaker

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