Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Saving Tip #3


Here's where your planner becomes your best friend. The TO-DO list can be overwhelming at first glance.

We break it down this week and tackle those lists with success by picking 3-Action Items per day.

3 tips to help tackle your 3-Action Items:

1) Pick one item that will move you forward toward a goal or project. The other two can be stuff you have to get done such as paying bills or grocery shopping. If you want to do more that move you so.
By the end of the year you will have 365 things done that have moved you toward a completed goal.

Ex. If you have a goal (or project depending upon how messy) of cleaning out your desk then an action item might be go through one drawer in desk or go through inbox. By the end of the week you'll have a nice clean desk.

2) Do those action items before anything else on your to do list. If you pick 3 items and don't complete them then your setting yourself up for failure. You will probably have a lot of items that needed to be done but none that really moved you forward.


3) Get the 3 action items done as early as possible or do it during your peak times of the day (mine is from 9 till noon...I loose momentum in the afternoon).

My secret weapon...the timer. I am very competitive and even if it's just a timer I want to finish doing the task before the timer goes off.

Chances are starting is the hardest part and once you've started then you'll probably keep up the momentum.

Tomorrow I give you tips on tackling your backlog and the items you just don't want to do.

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