Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time management...but, I don't have time

I think the biggest excuse is "but I don't have the time." So, why is it that the busiest people get more done?

ANSWER: Time management and organization

I have been to clients offices and there are no inboxes, planners, or schedules. It is just a free for all. No wonder they don't have time. There too busy being busy.

I had a client say to me the other day: "in these economic times if someone wants my service I drop everything and do it." SO no wonder people are having a hard time focusing on where they are going.

In this series I will talk about FOCUSING on the now with goal planning, scheduling, and doing a SWOT analysis (stregnths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats).

Today's thought: If you spend just 5 minutes everyday (5 days a week) looking for something on your desk such a piece of paper or phone number that equates to 1300 minutes a year or almost 3 full business  days a year.

I don't know about you but 3 days to me can be more productive trying to get business done than looking for stuff. Plus, how many of us spend twice that amount each day.

Talk soon & have an organized day!!!

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