Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What to include on your vision board

O Dream Board: Envision your best life

     Vision your Life
 Make a Vision Board

Making a vision board allows you to tap into your more creative and intuitive side of your brain (the right brain). I believe it does something to your subconscious and unleashes  your desires to the universe.
Pictures are worth a thousand words and creating a vision board for your life and business can be a powerful tool.
Here are 5 tips in creating an effective and powerful vision board:
1)    Brainstorm what you want out of your life or business…close your eyes and start visioning, just let it flow no holds bar and no matter how silly it may sound.
2)    Be Positive and in present tense – Act like it has already been achieve or is happening right now.
3)    Personalize it – Own it and believe it, use pictures and words that mean something to you.
4)    Meditate and visualize – Visualize how you want your day, week, month, year and future to go…it’s your story, visualize how you want your life to go
5)    Make it a habit – Look at your vision board daily, print out written statements and post in your car, house, your planner or at work, make audio recordings of yourself reading your affirmations

Oprah has a great tool free on her website to help create your vision board CLICK HERE to be taken there and join for free. Another tool I have used is The complete vision board kit by John Assaraf both of these tools talk about  The Secret, which if you haven’t read I would highly suggest it.
Till next week, keep visioning and have a productive & profitable week.

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