Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Office Time Wasters

Have you ever said...Where did the time go or the time just flew by? You're not alone if you said yes. This week we are going to look at office time wasters. The time wasters I am speaking of are the many interruptions we face on a day to day basis and tips to help you from getting sidetracked.

How many times do you get interrupted or sidetracked during the day? 1, 2, 10? These interruptions can be prevented you from achieving your goals and making the most out of your day. Here are just 3 of my tips to keep you focused and more organized throughout your day.

Tip 1:
BLOCK SCHEDULING: How this works is by dividing your time into blocks throughout the day. Whether it is in 1 hour blocks, 3 hour blocks, or by morning or afternoon blocks this is a great way to focus then divide and conquer. Prioritize what needs to be done each block and minimize distractions.

Tip 2:
POWER HOUR:  Have a power hour where you totally focus on a couple things that have been piling up and only do outgoing tasks. Do not take phone calls or better yet shut your door with a do not disturb sign on it for 1 hour.

Tip 3:
Set a timer when completing tasks to help you stay focused from getting sidetracked. This will help you set mini goals and stay focused. If you get off track you can divert your attention back to the task. Having an accountability buddy is a helpful tool. I use Speed Dash with my clients. If you are interested in learning more about this please contact me at for more information on how these work and the upcoming speed dash times.
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