Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time Management Myths

By Sheridan Tax & Bookeeping

There are many myths being circulated by well-meaning writers and trainers that should not be taken seriously if you want to gain control of your time. Here are five of the most common ones.

1. We can manage time.  We cannot manage time.  Nor can we save it.  Time ticks away relentlessly in spite of our efforts to control it.  We are provided with 24 hours of time each day to use as we like.  The key is in how we use that time.  We can use it wisely, or we can waste it, but we can never save it.

2. Time management is getting more done in less time.  We cannot possibly do everything we want to do, or all the things there are to do.  But if we prioritize what there is to do, and focus on completing the priorities to the exclusion of everything else, we will be more effective.

3. "To do" lists help get things done.  "To do" lists do nothing to further a project or task.  They simply remind us that they are not done yet.  Scheduling time in your planner, as appointments with yourself, to work on the tasks helps get them done.  "To do" lists are intentions; scheduled blocks of time are commitments.

4. People need a "Personal Organizer" or other time management system to get organized.  People are not organized because they use a time management system, they use a time management system because they are organized.  Personal organization involves breaking old habits and forming new, effective ones.

5. Time is money.  Time is more than money, it is life.  You can always get more money, but you can never get more time. It's an irreplaceable resource.  When time's gone, you're gone.

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