Monday, October 17, 2011

Are you a Good Listener?

By Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping

Poor communications is one of the many time problems identified by workshop attendees. Poor listening habits are a major component of poor communications. Effective listening can be learned. It requires greater mental applica­tion, because it is an active skill.  If you can honestly answer yes to the following five questions you already qualify as a good listener: Otherwise, practice the discipline of effective listening.

1. In the midst of a busy and noisy plant or office, can you concentrate enough to understand everything that is said to you?

2. When someone is presenting a lengthy proposal, can you keep your attention focused on the speaker's ideas instead of letting it wander?

3. Knowing that you can think about four times as fast as a speaker can talk, do you use the extra time to ponder what is being said?

4. When listening, can you block out the speaker's delivery and physical appearance?

If a talk is boring and of little value, do you concentrate on listening for something of value to come?

5. When the speaker makes disparaging remarks or the talk is boring, can you suppress your emo­tional response enough to hear what is being said?

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