Friday, January 21, 2011

Put off Procrastination

Let’s face it, we all procrastinate at times. It’s a natural tendency and there’s no need to feel guilty.

But if we do it habitually and intentionally, delaying important tasks that should be done now, we are chronic procrastinators. This could seriously hamper our effectiveness as well as our self-image.

Here are five suggestions from Harold Taylor's book; Procrastinate Less and Enjoy Life More, that could help defeat this procrastination habit.

There are about twenty more in the book, but these are favorites. I still procrastinate as we are only human. Don’t berate yourself because you’re not perfect but do Congratulate yourself because you’re improving.

1. Set a goal for the thing you’ve been putting off. Pick a specific date to do it, and schedule time in your planner to get it done.

2. List the advantages of doing the task and compare them with the consequences of not doing it. The result may convince you that it should be done.

3. List the things you have been putting off, choose the simplest task and do it. This small success should motivate you to tackle other, more difficult tasks that you have been delaying.

4. Decide on a reward for finishing a task that you have been delaying. Example: a coffee break, new dress, a night on the town. Provide yourself with an incentive to get it done.

5. If you are putting something off because it is a major, time-consuming task, break it down into smaller chunks, and work at it a little at a time.

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